"Zogan" is a Japanese traditional decorative technique.

A delicate motif is carved on a wooden surface, and then pieces cut out from shells or different colored wood are placed into the carved surface.
Because of rustic but universal beauty, inlay products can be used as both articles for daily use and gifts for others.
To deliver soothing warmth of wood to people’s daily lives, products are made carefully and cordially by women living in Iwate.

Kai-zogan (shell inlay)

Nacreous layers of shell pieces are inlaid on a surface of thick glossy ebony wood and walnut used for fine furniture, and shine beautifully.
A surface with Kai-zogan looks different according to the direction of a light ray, and that’s where its charm lies. Kai-zogan is a simple decorative technique to cut out nacreous layers inside a seashell into pieces of varied shapes and place them on a wooden surface.
A motif is carved on a wooden basis, and seashells are cut out into pieces to match the motif shape and are placed to fit exactly into the carved motif.

Development of a unique technique based on ancient traditional techniques

Our company’s Kai-zogan started with an idea of the former president inspired by the shine of seashells used in Raden (mother-of-pearl inlay) decoration of World Heritage “Chusonji Temple”. He wondered how Kai-zogan products could be brought closer to the people and offered as articles for daily use. Since then, we have developed our unique inlay technique based on a traditional decorative technique Raden through years of trial and error.
We, Yumekobo, deal mainly in small miscellaneous goods. Products, including 9-mm wide chopsticks, are decorated with delicate motifs.

Sophisticated designs draw the best out of materials

What makes Yumekobo unique is its original designs. For example, chopstick rests have a gently-curved shape to take advantage of a smooth wood surface and are decorated with a combination of several motifs, such as Japanese four seasons and lucky charms. They have gained popularity with a wide range of customers.

Moku-zogan (wood inlay)

Products made with natural materials can make people feel comfortable and relaxed when using them. That is the greatest charm of wood products. Moku-zogan is a decorative technique to cut out wood into pieces of varied shapes and place them on a wooden surface. The technique used to be called Mokuga in the Nara period.

Various color shades of wood materials make different impressions

Wood materials have various “colors” according to their types and growth environment. They are truly natural. Craftworkers need to have sensibility and technique to cut out wood into pieces and assemble them with consideration of natural color shades. Because different woods have different grain patterns and color shades, each product gives different impressions and textures, even though it has the same design. Such different impressions bring to life motifs, such as flowers, trees and animals.
In Yumekobo, we try not to color products as much as possible to express natural color of a solid wood material.

Walnut texture loved by both men and women

Walnut with impressive grain that has a muted color and solid feel is a wood material that serves as a base, which is used to highlight motifs. Walnut is popular among both men and women. One of the reasons for its popularity is that its dark color fits in well with the modern lifestyle if it is used for interior accessories and fancy goods. In Yumekobo, we make wood inlays by combining other wood materials with a light color, such as Japanese lime tree, Norway spruce, and yellow pine, which contrast favorably with a walnut canvas with a subdued color.

* All products are made in Iwate.

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